CEO & Founder

Annalisa Tolino

For years I've been looking for the perfect swimsuit that could meet my needs , but I've never been lucky.

When I decided to open my company, it was not possible to buy tops and bottoms separately , and for people like me who have different sizes it has always been a problem.

I remember as a little girl buying two swimsuits to make one with a perfect fit for me, so from the very beginning I always wanted to sell tops and bottoms separately.

Today, Helis Brain is a MADE IN ITALY beachwear company that sells all over the world.

When I started, my "mission" was always to make the most of the mix and match philosophy.

This philosophy stems from the idea of ​​limitlessly combining what we love about the new collections and what we loved about the collections of the past, to then give life to garments that we have forgotten in our wardrobe for years.

Do you know Gira la Moda? The famous game of the 90s? I made it my reality! Now every day I enjoy creating new Mixes or drawing new patterns that could create new Mixes.

When I started I never thought that my costumes would make it to New York , Miami or the world's best known glossy magazines, such as Elle, Cosmopolitan, Glamor and Vogue.

Then our creations arrived in the windows of large shops in Milan , thanks to our partnership with Bestway , the famous inflatable brand. With whom we have collaborated for several years.

Our products are 100% made in Italy and we are trying to establish a more eco friendly approach. A few examples: we also have a bikini called RENEW , made with regenerated waste material, we mainly use recycled paper and plastic for our packaging and the shipping bags are completely eco-sustainable.

We care a lot about the environmental impact of our business, so we create products that are designed to last over time .

The patterns are digitally printed , a more sustainable type of printing than traditional methods which allows for cleaner and more effective production.

Over the years we have conquered an audience of loyal customers , both private and wholesale, above all for our strengths: the products can be purchased separately and we are a young company that has a great desire to grow, and for this I cannot do anything else. than to thank you, because it is only thanks to you that my dream is taking shape!!