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Apui Green Bottle Briefs

Apui Green Bottle Briefs

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Product description

- V-cut briefs

- Brazilian back

- Lycra fabric

Size guide

Size XS EU 36 UK30 FR38

Size S EU38 UK32 FR40

Size M EU40 UK34 FR42

Size L EU42 UK36 FR44

How much do shipments cost?

We ship in 2/5 working days.

Payment with:

- card, paypal, satispay, klarna

6.50 euros

-cash on delivery

8.00 euros

-Shipping with return included

10.00 euros

(you can select it when ordering if you are not convinced of the size, by selecting this method we will take care of the return)

For orders over

120.00 euros shipping is FREE , and if you decide to opt for the return included it will cost only 5.00 euros.

If you have not purchased the return shipping included, you can purchase it later at a cost of 9 euros.

NB. we do not accept returns with couriers other than ours.

For any other info do not hesitate to contact us.

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How to make the return?

Find out how to return Click here RETURN

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